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Welcome to my site about everything beads.


I started playing around with beads in my early teens.  From that moment on, I’ve been hooked!  I enjoy a lot of other crafts, but beading is my passion.  I started my obsession with pony beads.  I had saved up some money from babysitting, and purchased a pattern book on making pony bead animal key chains.  Then I gathered up all of the colors of pony beads, nylon cording, and key chain rings, made my purchase, and went home and made EVERY SINGLE pattern in the book!

Yes, I was addicted.  As I got older, I advanced in my projects and abilities to work with beads, and was soon making jewelry for family and friends, and beaded Christmas ornaments soon after that.  And, as of today, I will spend hours online, looking for something new and exciting to bead.

It is a hobby with endless possibilities.



When I first started beading, I made several trips to the craft store, because I wasn’t aware of all of the aspects of beading.  There’s a lot more to it, than just beads.  I want to save my visitors, through my trial and errors, more time to create and less time running around and back and forth.


I hope that you will find, your creativity with beads is endless, and I hope that my site makes your shopping and creativity experiences, a little more painless, and a whole lot easier.

All the best,


Machele VanVoorhis


Machele VanVoorhis

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