Beads at your local sporting goods store

Yep….You read that right! A great place to find beads, is at your local sporting goods store. Especially, if you are looking for any bright, neon colors. And, there is usually a lot of packages that are marked down. The cost is the same as your local bead store, but, I do find more marked down beads at the sporting goods store.

Where do I find them

I’ve always found beads in the Fly Tying area of the sporting goods stores. As that is what they are used for in fishing. And, because they spend most of their time under water, they are usually very bright and colorful. And, they come in all different sizes.

I just wanted to let you all know that your local sporting goods store, has what you need for your projects as well!

Happy bead shopping!





Machele VanVoorhis

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